The Cleaner is the ninth episode of the second season and the 19th overall episode of The Catch.

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The AVI team discover their working relationship with Margot isn’t as clean as they’d like, while Alice finds herself on the receiving end of a life-altering confession.

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Margot is appalled that Rhys shot Felicity. He says she was a liability. Rhys pulls out a gun and promises he'll do it properly this time. He thinks she's there to kill them. Margot says Felicity spent the last two days with her, so if she wanted to kill Margot, she'd have done it already. She's up to something else. Rhys asks again where she is. Margot wants to find out who she's working with and asks about the night Felicity was shot.

Alice recaps what Margot just told them about Felicity. She wants them to find out who she was working with and what she's planning. She doesn't want to overwhelm them with the details, but she wants them to figure out what happened the night Felicity was shot. Rhys says he went down to the bar and called The Cleaner to take care of the body. When Rhys returned to the room, the body was gone. The Cleaner disappeared right after that job. She tells them the nickname comes from his process. He liquifies corpses so they can be flushed down the drain. Valerie and Alice say they can't help her. She says if she's gone, Tessa will have to live with her permanently. Alice agrees to do it, but says they're done after that.

On her way out, Margot tells Danny to clear his schedule because she might need him that evening. He asks why, but she just walks out. Sophie sees and says she won't stop him if he needs to go be Margot's henchman. He says he isn't her henchmen, but Sophie doesn't think Margot knows that.

Rhys is packing a bag to go after Felicity when Ben comes in. Ben says he can't go anywhere because they have a job to do. Rhys says he can't. Ben tells him the job isn't coming from Justine. The target is Ethan Ward. He suspects something's shady, but needs proof. Rhys warns him against using it, but then tells him to take it to Justine and to tell her he had to go pay his last respects to an old friend.

Alice is having Sophie make a list of all the chemical warehouses in Los Angeles. Valerie tells her this has to be the last time they do a job for Margot. Alice agrees and is even willing to re-pay the money with interest if that's what it takes. Ethan will pay more and won't ask them to track down people like The Cleaner. Valerie's worried about Ben's reaction to them working for Ethan, but Alice says it's fine.

Justine says Ben wanting her to arrest his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend is refreshingly human of him. Ben claims he's not jealous, but Justine doesn't buy it. Ben says he's not a good guy and he wants to make sure he's on the up and up before Alice works for him exclusively. Justine agrees to see what she can dig up on him.

Tessa's confused about why Margot's including Felicity in their plans if she doesn't trust her. Margot wants to use it to draw Felicity out and figure out who she's working with. Tessa just wants to kill her. Margot lets Felicity in and says Tessa will be joining them for the day. Margot tells her about the meeting with Keegan not going well. Margot tells her about Mockingbird and she says the name doesn't mean anything to her. Margot says she was thinking about going to Rhys, who might like to see Felicity. Felicity doesn't think he will.

Felicity leaves, telling Margot she'll call in a bit. In the hall, she's confronted with Rhys, who has a gun.

Felicity admits that she's back to kill Rhys among other things. Felicity tells him his sister was better in bed, to which he says last time he felt bad about killing her, but this time, he'll enjoy it. Tessa comes out the door and Felicity grabs her and uses her as a shield to get away. Tessa and Rhys then introduce themselves to each other.

Ben says Ethan's a saint. But Justine says he's guilty of fraud and money laundering. There's a fake resort owned by his company being used. She shows him the contract he signed, but Ben notices that the signature is a fake.

Alice is horrified to see liquified bodies on Danny's computer. They thought if they figured out how he does what he does, that might lead to where he is. They need to look into the vendors. She promises that once they find him, they're done with Margot. She steps away to take a call from Ben.

Ben wants to talk about Ethan. He admits he might have overstepped in his desire to protect her. Alice tells him he has nothing to worry about, but they are going to accept the offer, because of what they're doing for Margot. He also told her not to work with Margot. Working for Ethan would solve AVI's problems, which Ben understands.

Ben goes back into the house and says they need to save Ethan Ward.

Rhys is making martinis while Margot yells at him for confronting Felicity. He offers one to Tessa, who accepts. Margot was watching Felicity, but now she knows they're onto her. They're on caution protocol with increased security until Felicity is found. Rhys tries to hand Tessa the martini, but Margot grabs it and puts it aside. Margot says they're under attack, but Rhys says Felicity's the one under attack. He'll finish the job this time, once he finds her.

As they make a plan to split up and check out the chemical suppliers, Rhys comes in and says they have work to do.

Rhys tries to win Valerie over and Alice says they can find The Cleaner without him. He says they can't and now that Felicity has disappeared, they don't have time. Alice doesn't want to help him find her so he can kill her. Rhys says he has contacts and favors to draw The Cleaner out. Valerie says the sooner they find him, the sooner they're done with Margot. And Rhys. Alice says if he tries to kill Felicity on her watch, she'll shoot him. He says she's too good, but Valerie ays she isn't and Rhys believes her. He asks which desk is his.

Ben tells Ethan he's not a criminal anymore. He works for the FBI now. They tell him about the money laundering. He asked how they found this out and Ben says they were looking into him for Alice's sake. They're trying to help him because he doesn't want Alice to go down for it. Alice doesn't know and he wants to keep it that way, because Alice would bust him. Ethan doesn't know anything about the resort, but there are 50 people who could have done it.

Margot adds security measures, but Tessa says she's not afraid. Margot says she should be and until she's caught, Tessa's not going to be allowed out of her sight. Plus she needs Tessa's help with the drug hijacking. It's The Mockingbird's. She wants to leverage it to find out who he is and use it to bend him to her will. They need a third person.

Danny's not thrilled about helping with a hijacking. He's also surprised Tessa's coming. When Danny asks to speak privately, Margot sends Tessa to get changed. Once she's gone, Danny asks if they're dating. He wants to know if he's doing it at her henchman. She's not sure what they're doing. She's not sure she's someone who dates. What he knows is he's the only person in the world she trusts.

Rhys keeps listing names of criminals, but they're all dead or in prison. Alice suggests using Margot's contacts. Rhys says they should use Raymond Taggart because he works for the Firm now. They'll set it up and then meet him there.

The Cleaner gossips about Taggart with the guards as he is led to the room. Once in the room, he prepares to get started. He's surprised to see Rhys is the body. Alice confronts him and he asks who she is. She tells him and says they're there to clean up a mess he made for once. When Rhys jumps up, The Cleaner is startled and passes out.

The Cleaner claims he cleaned up the problem as instructed, but Rhys tells him she's still alive. Alice demonstrates that she's not the good cop by mixing his chemicals in a glass and offering it to him. He admits that when he arrived, the body was already gone. He just kept the money and disappeared. Alice asks who else had access to the room.

Ethan looks through his employees and shows Justine that whole department. She wants to run background checks. Ethan asks how the deal with Ben got started. Justine says they met when he surrendered to the police to protect Alice. She's the reason he turned it around. Ben comes in and has an idea to find out who the forger is. He has a birthday card. He has the card passed around his office for everyone to sign. Then they'll compare and find a match. Carol Cooney is their match, so they set up a meeting. Ethan tells her she's getting a promotion and then takes her out to tell her it's because she's going to make the company millions because someone wants to buy the resort. Carol starts to get nervous. Ben poses as a buyer and plays up his excitement over the property. He just wants to see the property. They prepare to fly there and Carol excuses herself to freshen up. She tries to flee, but Justine confronts her and leads her back to the table.

They say someone who had access to the room must have saved her. Or she was alive enough to call someone, which Rhys says is impossible. They need to find out who was in the hotel that night and any calls. Sophie needs access to the hotel to do that. Alice offers to go instead, but Sophie says she can do it. Rhys notices she has an attitude, which Valerie says is because she thought she'd be putting away bad guys, not helping them. Rhys says she shouldn't have become a detective then because they find the truth and truth and justice have nothing to do with each other.

Margot and Tessa get packed for their job. There's a knock at the door. It's Sophie. She explains that she needs access to the servers, which Margot says she can give her. Margot types the password to her computer and advises her to stay out of the photos and emails and texts. Sophie says she knows Margot's sleeping with Danny. And asks her to try not to get him killed. Sophie tells Margot it might take a few hours to get what she needs.

Tessa is holding the bartender hostage. Margot changes the plan and asks Danny to take Tessa back to the hotel. Tessa tells Danny about what Sophie said. Danny refuses to leave, so Margot tells them both to stay out of sight and let her handle it. The driver gets out of the truck and Margot says she can sign for the shipment, but she tazes him. She's confronted by another guy with a gun, but Danny takes him down, saying he can take care of himself. Then they hear gunshots. A third person is shooting at them.

The man continues to shoot at them until they hear him groan and his body thud to the ground. They step out to see that Tessa shot him despite being told to stay inside. Margot gives one of the guys her card and tells him to tell his boss that he can reach her at that number to talk about getting his shipment back. She then takes the keys from Danny and tells him he's fired. Just then, one of the guys sits up and Danny takes Margot's gun to shoot him. Margot says that being fired means he doesn't have to tell HR he's dating his boss. They kiss and Tessa calls him Stepdad and tells him to come along. Margot gives him back the keys.

Carol tells Ethan about the other employees' indiscretions. Then she tells them that one day, she got an envelope on her desk with $10,000 and instructions to set up the fake resort. She was also told she'd get more money each week if she kept laundering money through the resort. She loves working for Ethan, but she doesn't think she gets paid enough. It's sexism in the workplace. She doesn't know where the envelopes come from, but the money she launders comes from The Mockingbird Trust.

Rhys says Alice has a good setup, sending her minions out while she drinks bourbon. She says he seems to have fun pretending to be an FBI agent. He says he's a criminal informant. She's only buying the criminal part. She asks why he's wasting time playing the good guy. He won't tell her. She asks why he can't be more like Ben, because he's good now. Rhys says Ben's exactly like him, but he's better at hiding it. Rhys reveals what Ben asked him to do that morning with Ethan. A tiger can't change its stripes and she fell in love with a tiger. He tells her to let him know if the find Felicity and he'll take care of the rest.

Ethan asks Ben how his job works and Ben explains. Ben says he only has a couple months left. Ben says he did what he did for Alice. Just then, Alice comes in and is surprised to see Ben and Ethan together. Ethan excuses himself, saying they were done anyway. Ethan tells Alice he thinks it's best if they don't work together. She says that's okay and she understands. Alice asks what Ben did and follows Ethan outside.

Alice asks him if Ben did something. Ethan says Ben is great and very much in love with her. He can't work with her because he's also still in love with her. He leaves.

Alice goes back inside and Ben asks if she's okay. She asks him what happened between him and Ethan, because Ben hated Ethan, but now they're sharing a drink and Ethan just fired her. She wants Ben to tell her what happened.

Danny and Margot talk on the phone. She asks if he's told Alice about them yet. He says he hasn't and she asks him to take a picture of her face when he does. He asks if she's heard from Mockingbird yet. She says she has and she's going to meet with him. Danny wants to go to the meeting with her, but she sends him to her hotel room instead. She'll tell the guards to expect him. He says it's a date, which she agrees with.

Tessa asks Sophie if she's nearly done. She's surprised Sophie's still there. Sophie packs up and asks if Tessa wants to come with her because Felicity's out there. Tessa doubts that Sophie can keep her safe. Tessa dismisses her and Sophie goes to leave. She opens the door to find both guards dead and Felicity holding a gun. Felicity shoots Sophie in the stomach and takes Tessa with her.

Danny arrives at Margot's room and pulls out his gun when he sees the dead guards. He finds Sophie, barely alive and calls 911 as he tries to stop the bleeding.

Alice and Ben arrive at the hospital. Sophie's still in surgery. Danny tells Ben Margot's in a meeting and not answering her phone. She left Tessa back at the hotel. Ben immediately leaves to go find Tessa. Danny apologizes, but Alice says it'll be fine.

Ben comes in and asks Rhys why he didn't tell Ben about Felicity. Rhys didn't want to drag him into it. Ben says she took Tessa. Ben says he needs to help get Tessa back.

Alice blames herself for Sophie getting shot, but Valerie says she's the one who made them take Margot as a client. Danny says it's his fault and admits that he's dating Margot. Alice and Valerie are both shocked.

Margot ignores a call from Ben as she waits for the Mockingbird. Tommy Vaughan comes in and sits down. He's the Mockingbird and he asks where the drugs are that she stole from him.


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Margot went to Alice and Valerie to find Felicity and figure out what she was doing. She wanted them to retrace her steps to figure out who saved Felicity's life. Rhys had called The Cleaner, who had been called to clean up the room after Rhys killed her and who left the Firm shortly afterward. While they looked, Margot got Tessa and Danny's help to steal some drugs that were headed for the Mockingbird. Alice and Rhys used the Raymond Taggart to get The Cleaner to come to a staged site. He admitted that by the time he arrived that night, the body was gone. Sophie went to the hotel to get access to their security cameras from that night to see who had come and gone around that time. Tessa held the real bartender hostage while Margot posed as her to sign for the delivery. She tased the driver and Danny took down another guy. Then a third started shooting at them. They escaped when Tessa shot the man. Margot then gave the man her card and said to tell the Mockingbird to contact her if he wanted his shipment back. They arranged a meeting where Thomas Vaughan asked Margot where the drugs she stole from him were. Meanwhile, Felicity shot Margot's guard and Sophie and kidnapped Tessa.

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Ben thought Ethan was up to something shady and wanted to figure out what. He went to Justine to figure out what it was. She agreed to look into it. She found a resort Ethan's company allegedly owned in Mexico. The restart didn't actually exist. Justine said that's all they needed to charge Ethan, but Ben noticed that Ethan's signature was forged. They went to Ethan and told him about the money laundering. They used his help to figure out which of his employees was behind it. Ben had the idea to send around a birthday card for Ethan for all his employees to sign. Carol Cooney came up as a match for the handwriting, but that alone wasn't enough. They had Ethan pretend to promote her and then tell her it was because of the resort, that someone wanted to buy it. Ben posed as the buyer and arranged to see the property. Carol excused herself and tried to run. Justine confronted her and she admitted that she'd gotten an envelope with $10,000 and instructions on how to launder the money. It also said she would get another envelope each week if she did it. The money she laundered came from The Mockingbird Trust.


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The Catch 2x09 Promo "The Cleaner" (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

The Catch 2x09 Promo "The Cleaner" (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

  • This episode scored 2.96 million viewers.


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