Shawn Sullivan is an FBI agent who works closely with Anderson/Vaughan Investigations on many of their cases.


Singer MuseumEdit

Shawn worked with the employees of AVI when they worked for Singer Museum, the target of art thief Mario Visconti. He, along with the AVI employees, attended a gallery opening at the museum undercover and confronted Mario as he left with a stolen painting. ("The Pilot")

Patrick LewisEdit

The next day, Shawn was one of the agents they stationed to monitor a trade between Patrick Lewis and "Mr. X". However, Ben distracted Shawn as well as the others and was able to get away without being caught. ("The Pilot")


He also came to the Seaclarity launch party with Alice's team in order to bust Ben as he stole Seth Hamilton's new technology. ("The Pilot")


Shawn worked with AVI when they were hired to find Gwen Ericsson and the technology she created, THRUsight. He went into the woods with Danny and Sophie to look for Gwen and was there when they found what they believed was her body. He later told Danny he was jealous of him because he got to do adventurous things. ("The Princess and the I.P.")

Getting Help for NiaEdit

Shawn and Sophie came to Danny for help for a friend, Nia Brooks, an Army Ranger who was receiving death threats. ("The Benefactor")

Taking Down the Kensington FirmEdit

Shawn helped AVI take down the Kensington Firm. He was part of the sting that was supposed to catch them trying to sell counterfeit money, but Reggie recognized him and tipped Margot off, which threatened the sting. ("The Happy Couple")

Shawn attended the Foster/Duncan wedding with AVI. At the wedding, he shocked Danny by asking him on a date. Danny later told Sophie he'd accepted. ("The Wedding")



Danny YoonEdit

He liked Danny and while they were working, asked him out on a date. ("The Wedding")


Nia BrooksEdit

He is friend with Nia Brooks. When she was receiving death threats, he helped her get help through AVI. ("The Benefactor")

Sophie NovakEdit

He and Sophie got along well after she started working for AVI. The time they spent together made Danny believe they were dating, but Sophie knew that Shawn is actually gay.


Shawn is an FBI agent who works closely with Anderson/Vaughan Investigations.

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