Robin is the receptionist at Anderson/Vaughan Investigations.


Guiding AliceEdit

When Alice came into work the morning after a big bust, she asked Robin if Valerie was in. Robin told her she was in the conference room. ("The Pilot")

Mr. XEdit

Robin informed the PIs when "Mr. X" sent another taunting e-mail to them. Later, when they figured out Christopher Hall was Mr. X, Robin informed them when Jules Dao came to the office to meet with them. ("The Pilot")

Gordon BaileyEdit

Robin came to inform Valerie that Gordon was on the phone for her. Valerie told Robin to tell him she'd see him in hell, but Alice told her to tell him that Valerie would call him right back. ("The Real Killer")

Talking to ShawnEdit

Robin talked to Shawn while the PIs of AVI discussed how to approach the search for Gwen Ericsson. ("The Princess and the I.P.")

Theo Tasker and Sophie's GiftEdit

Robin announced the arrival of Theo Tasker to Alice and Valerie, and she later gave Sophie the gift that Tommy had delivered to AVI. ("The Dining Hall")

Flower DeliveryEdit

Robin brought in flowers for Alice from Ethan thanking her for helping Gretchen Adams. ("The Knock-Off")


Robin is a receptionist at Anderson/Vaughan Investigations.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She appeared in The Wedding, but has no lines or actions.