Nicholas Turner is the deputy chief of police and Valerie's former partner.


Arresting Ethan and AliceEdit

In 2009, Nick and his then-partner, Valerie, arrested Ethan Ward for the murder of Steven Mason, a police officer killed in a warehouse explosion. The warehouse owner was the last holdout keeping Ethan from buying the last riverfront property, making Ethan the primary suspect. Shortly afterward, the investigation was abruptly dropped and Ethan was free. ("The Hard Drive")

Southland CartelEdit

When Alice and Valerie learned the Southland Cartel was after them, Valerie went to her old partner, Nick, to get his help to take down the cartel. He agreed to help them.

He later came to Valerie and gave her the information they had on the Southland Cartel.

After Tommy tried to flee the country to escape the cartel and was confronted by Theo Tasker, Alice had Nick arrest him to keep him protected. ("The Dining Hall")

Nick came to Alice not long after to tell her they'd had to charge Tommy with double homicide for the Kincaids because his fingerprints were all over their house. After he was charged, he posted bail with help from Ethan Ward and was released. Alice then got Theo Tasker to confess to murder. Theo was arrested and agreed to make a deal to take down the cartel. ("The Family Way")

Hiring AVIEdit

Because he was up for Chief of Police, Nick wanted to know what vulnerabilities would come up when they looked into his background. He worried that Ethan's case would look suspicious and wanted Valerie to look into it and figure out exactly what happened and why the case was dropped. ("The Bad Girl")

Alice and Valerie looked into the case and learned that Steven Mason had killed himself and Martin Dixon had used the suicide note to blackmail Mason's widow into paying him $10,000/month. Ethan Ward was innocent all along. ("The Hard Drive")






He's the deputy chief of police with the Los Angeles Police Department. He and Valerie used to be partners when she was with the police. They were once honored for solving a cold case. ("The Dining Hall")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He is hoping to be made Chief of Police.